Hands On - Lightmare Design Blog Entry#8

The Infinity Heroes “proof of concept” PC build will be available to play for free from the 23rd-25th of November!

UPDATE: You can get it now!


This week will be less of the traditional design blog. Instead I want to talk about a very exciting upcoming event. The first, free worldwide hands-on experience with Infinity Heroes. Links to download the game will be posted on Facebook and Discord tomorrow, so keep an eye out.

We want to give our audience the ability to get their hands on Infinity Heroes as quickly as possible, so we are giving you all a chance to jump in to our early proof of concept build, and try out Infinity Heroes in it’s early stages. Remember to check out our IndieGoGo page to get access to Alpha and Beta versions of the game before it’s public release.

The “Proof of Concept” build we are releasing will have the following features:

Multiplayer Matches

Queue up for multiplayer matches against your fellow players, giving the chance to outplay then in our fast paced simultaneous gameplay. Choose a roster of three heroes to take into every match, swapping between them on the fly. Play out your powerful ultimate cards that can turn the tide of the match.

These multiplayer matches will use our intended casual ruleset, not including tournament features such as hero banning.

6 Unique Heroes to Play

This build will have 6 heroes immediately available for you to try out.

Aberion is fast-paced aggression, that disrupts your opponents defenses.
Patient Zero creates an overwhelming zombie horde that grows in power.
Lucca’s technologies are great for buffing your units, with decent board control.
Candit has a lot of late game powerful units, and a lot of control to help her get there.
Agent Coyle’s fusion of angels and demons are great for mid-game pressure.
And finally Yuanshi’s defensive style will help hinder a lot of aggression from your opponent.


Practice AI Opponent

If you want to play offline or just try out cards you haven’t used before, play against our practice AI and it’s army of malfunctioning robots. This AI will start off pretty slowly but will continue to throw endless waves of mechanical drones your way.

The AI moves it’s units at random with no real strategy, and doesn’t play spell cards, but it’s units are slightly more powerful on average than your own, so you’ll have to do your best to maneuver around it’s power and find openings.

A very early Tutorial

This tutorial is currently in a very early state but will teach you the basics of playing units, attacking and blocking. Follow Aberion and Bromich as they team up once again. And we need to note, this tutorial isn’t necessarily taking place at the same time as IH for reasons you’d know if you play a lot of Infinity Wars. We just really like Bromich….


Some final notes

This is based on the original Proof of Concept build that was created earlier this year to showcase potential gameplay and systems, and has been playable at the conventions we’ve attended locally ( PAX Aus, ComicCon, Melbourne Esports Open ect. ). Since this build, the game itself has undergone massive restructuring ( See this article HERE ) and a lot of the problems and issues you see in the proof of concept build are a thing of the past. However, we still want to hear from you. Whether it’s feedback on bugs you found, suggestions for balance improvements, or just general feedback on Infinity Heroes, we invite you to fill out the feedback form which you can find within the game itself. We look forward to hearing from you all.

The multiplayer for this build has limited server space, and will likely end up being full at several points. If that happens, don’t worry, you can try queueing up again until you find a free space. And even if the servers are full, it doesn’t stop you from playing around in a quick A.I. game.

This build is also only going to be available on PC currently, the game works on ( and is designed for) mobile but distributing early access of the mobile version for just this weekend wasn’t feasible. If there’s enough of a demand here, we’ll look at doing a mobile early access test at a later date, but no promises yet.

As always, ask us anyquestions you have over at the Infinity Heroes Discord channel: https://discord.gg/dTWAE8x

Twitter: @ReubenCovington
Discord: Reuben#4049
Email: reubencovington@gmail.com

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Back us now on IndieGoGo

Reuben Covington