Announcement: Partnership with Luminous Ages

One of the things we love the most about having a world fractured into multiple dimensions, is you never know what dimension it’ll connect to next. We’ve been keeping an eye out for promising I.P.s that would fit into our world. We’re excited to announce our first partner: Luminous Ages!


Created by Antonios Christou, Luminous Ages will be bringing its beautiful artwork to Infinity Heroes in one or more playable Hero decks. If you like what you see, we invite you to go and check out the rest of Antonios' Christou’s work here. If you back the Luminous Ages pack on Kickstarter, you’ll also receive a digital copy of Luminous Ages Graphic Novel, alongside the Thrakos deck, and all rewards from the Beta tier as well. If that excites you, check us out on Kickstarter.

We’re currently in talks with other creators to bring their creations in to our world. We’ll be taking steps to guarantee that their worlds thematically fit within the context of Infinity Heroes, but we wanted to start off with one of our favorite I.P.s from our home soil.

Elphie "Agent Coyle"