The Team

Infinity Heroes didn’t just happen, it’s taken a lot of love from a team of game designers to show what you see today. While Lightmare has several different teams, this will be a bit of a reveal on who our core Infinity Heroes developers are.



Real Name: Colin 'Elphie' Coyle.

What he does: Managing Director

Superhero Name: Agent Coyle

Super Powers: Visionary: Though barely able to visualise when closing his eyes, Agent Coyle crafts his visions of a greater future out by empowering his fellow super employees, friends, and using his trusty keyboard and mouse.

Intriguing Real Life Super Fact: Elphie is one of the catalysts for healthy continual life extension worldwide, and is one of the founding investors in the first Cryonics facility to be built in Australia.



Real Name: James Smith

Super Hero Name: Jimbles

Role: Producer, Programmer

What he does: Worries about deadlines and plans for the future. Works in the engine room to keep the ship running smoothly.

Super Power: Can't juggle in real life but he can juggle projects like a pro



Real Name: Reuben Covington

Role: Player Experience Designer/Programmer

What he does: In charge of designing the heroes, gameplay and player progression systems to allow players to quickly and easily have a great time playing the game. I also help with implimentation and bugfixing of the heroes and systems.

Super power: Mental Playtesting, is able to learn a system or component and simulate future behavoiurs depending on what changes are made.

Intruiging Real life Fact: I've been creating my own community made card games for many years, previously running a podcast called Remaking Magic.



Real Name: Jason 'Colby' Thomas

What he does: Community & Media manager

Superhero Name: Overseer

What he does: Jason is one of the most passionate and positive people centric people at Lightmare, involved in Community management, Social media management & more. He's also involved in video editing, scripting, writing, and marketing efforts across the board.

Super Power: Jason actually knows sleight of hand and magic tricks. It might not be overly effective for stopping a bank robbery, unless the offenders have a very short attention span.



Real Name: Ben Welsh

Super Hero Name: El Zilcho

Role: QC, Programmer

What he does: Hunts down and 'retires' horrible bug-like monsters posed to end the world. also pretty good at programming.

Super Power: Persistence.



Real Name: Nick London

Role: Programmer/Artist

Superhero Alias: 'That Guy'

What he does: Fixes bugs, builds features, gets really happy when things line up correctly.

Super Powers: Knowing both code and art disciplines, I can create my own worlds and nobody can stop me.

Intriguing Real Life Super Fact: Not actually from London, and has nicked very little.