Infinity Heroes is designed from the ground up to be a competitive title, with the intention of being an esports contender, bringing to cross-platform the simultaneous turn-based strategy that made Infinity Wars such a popular and uniquely challenging game. 

You'll combine 3 pre-constructed hero decks, each with their own strengths, weaknesses and play styles to battle against your opponents. Will you aim for maximum options and flexibility, or double down on one core strategy?

Rise through the ranks, and become the ultimate Infinity Hero!


For players who are more creative, and want to bring their own ideas to the game, use our in-game hero deck designer, with your own units, spells, heroes, mechanics, and themes. This includes your own artworks.

If you want a Tardis themed deck, make it. Anime badasses? Make it. A deck based around the iron chefs of Canada? You better believe you can make that deck.



Contribute to the game and community at large, by having your deck published to our community workshop, where others can download, play, modify, comment and rate your creations.

The best decks will get featured, and the highest rated decks will even be considered for official implementation by Lightmare Studios, with your name immortalized as the original creator for all eternity!