Call of the Alpha - Lightmare Design Blog, Entry #11

We are excited to announce that the Infinity Heroes Alpha is here! After its delay I’m here to layout what’s in the alpha, what is coming soon, and other important information.

Feats and Features

The last time we had a public version of Infinity Heroes during our free weekend, it was our prototype build. This Alpha version is using our codebase and systems rebuilt from the ground up, gone will be the networking desyncs, the semi-hardcoded heroes, and many other issues.

The alpha contains the following: (9).gif

Fast Paced 1v1 Multiplayer

Jump into the game with other players, and even our own devs & testers online and go at it! Of course we advise you jump into the public Infinity Heroes discord to try and find other Alpha backers to play with, and of course discuss the direction and changes of the game.

We’ve turned off the turn timers for now, as we’re letting the first foray into Infinity Heroes be more exploratory in nature, and less time-sensitive.


Practice AI

For those wishing to try out the game quickly in singleplayer we have a new and improved practice AI. This will mirror your hero lineup and will play out units, abilities and ultimate cards. There are still plenty of improvements to make with the AI in the future, but this is a good way to try out the gameplay of Infinity Heroes.

The tutorial from the old prototype build hasn’t been implemented yet but will hopefully be coming as introducing players smoothly into the game is extremely important.


8 Heroes Unlocked

As we have not yet added our online accounts or in-game purchases, every hero will currently be unlocked during the alpha, allowing everyone to try lots of different strategies as you mix and match your hero lineup.

Icons of our current hero lineup

Icons of our current hero lineup

Each hero is designed to promote synergies with other heroes or counteract other specific strategies. While this is a small number of heroes currently, we now have the tools and workflow to release new heroes quickly, especially once we are less focused on just getting core features working and polished. Our eventual aim is to be able to release a new hero every two weeks, something we are getting closer to being able to achieve.

The currently added heroes are:

Aberion, The Hammer of Dawn: Attack hard and fast at the head of the Flame Dawn army.

Lucca, The Combat Mechanic: Upgrade and build up your units with Genesis Industries

Patient Zero, The First Sleeper: Swarm the board with cybernetic zombies as the Sleepers of Avarrach

Candit, The Dark Researcher: Wield potent death magic at the head of the Cult of Verore

Yuanshi, The Sage of Ferocity: Raise your defences as the Descendants of the Dragon

Astatoth, The Will of the Clan: An outcast from two factions, overcome injuries in the harsh wasteland.

Lilariah, The Champion of Grace: Take to the skies with the angelic forces of the Overseers of Solace

Aleta, The Primal Caretaker: Unleash the beasts as you lead The Warpath



Future Sight

We are excited to see everyone’s feedback on the alpha build, but in the meantime we are working on further improvements including:

Sounds and Particle effects

Currently the game is completely silent, a state of affairs that will begin to change soon, also we will be adding many more attack and particle effects so the resolution step isn’t just an endless loop of the same placeholder explosion effect. Systems for both of these have been made, we just need to create the actual content and link them to specific cards and events.

A new PC UI and many other user interface improvements

Infinity Heroes was designed from the ground up for mobile play, with a lot of effort going into making sure the UI of the limited real estate worked well. During our free weekend with the prototype build we used a very rough PC UI that we were not necessarily very happy with. Thus while the Alpha will only use a mobile resolution while we work on improving more conventional PC resolutions.

We look forward to hearing your feedback and thoughts on the Infinity Heroes Discord channel:

If you haven’t backed the project yet, check out our IndieGogo page to gain access to the alpha now.

Twitter: @ReubenCovington
Discord: Reuben#4049

Reuben Covington