Patch Preview: The first of many! Alpha v0.4

Welcome to our first Patch Preview! The aim of the Patch preview is to show off some of our best changes or upcoming features to the newest builds of Infinity Heroes, almost as a TL;DR summary of what to expect from patches, without the need for patch notes.

Alpha v0.4 Codename: Function

Five new Faces!

We’ve implemented five new heroes into the game, bringing a higher depth of variety to the game. Some are entirely new characters, some are returning “favorites”. So, let’s take a look at them.


Scintilla, The Azure Flash

The first backer card to be released, Scintilla, much like his deck, is all about speed, and being the first to strike decisively. His aggressive Angels of Solace deck is brilliant for applying constant pressure from unlikely targets.

Kael, The Warpath Shaman

Kael is a shaman for the Warpath that appeared seemingly from nowhere to help any survivors from the Old World. His deck is filled with powerful beasts, and lategame threats.


Thrakos, The Wanderer

From our newest partner over at Luminous Ages, we bring Thrakos from his world, and into ours. The defensive support style deck will give you a lot of self sustain and healing.

Agent Coyle, The Divine Demonic

A hybrid mix of devious demons, and supportive angels, following Agent Coyle’s newest form, a synergy of good and evil. The deck’s core gameplay revolves around transforming cards, and evolving.


Drason, The Shock Trooper

A Genesis soldier from Flamedawn descent, and one of the only soldiers strong enough to wield heavy arc electrical weaponry for his attacks, with a deck built around mid-game power and early control.


It plays better!


A few new changes have seen the game feeling a lot more polished already, and increasing core functionality. Let’s touch on some of the more important ones.

  • Targetting improvements
    The new targeting system clearly shows where your chosen abilities are heading, and are a lot easier to interpret and understand at a glance.

  • Hand & Field management
    You can now successfully move cards around on the field and swap them with other cards. The old way where you had to move it to a different zone, move your second card up, and then move your first card to where your second card was, well, it was tedious. Now you can just swap them directly. You can also rearrange the position of cards in your hand, which is important for the next point.

  • Cycling is more reliable
    You will now ALWAYS discard the card in the leftmost slot in your hand. If this slot is empty though, you won’t discard. This of course scales up with the Cycling effect found in some cards. This means you have a more meaningful way to mulligan cards in the early stages of the game, and plan around what you want to keep.

  • Cards can be played…..
    We received a fair bit of feedback regarding how tempermental and finnicky the system to play cards or preview them actually was. We’ve changed it up a fair bit, and it should be a lot more user friendly. Yes, you can now play cards in your card game. It’s an Easter miracle.

  • It looks better
    There’s been a number of changes and fixes, for example longer cards now animating properly, and animations playing during the resolution step. We’ve also made changes to the resolution and UI framework, in preparation for the public mobile build we’ll be releasing eventually.

  • Improved A.I.
    We’re not saying that passing the turn without playing cards or moving units isn’t an effective strategy… but everyone else seems to be saying that, so we’ve improved the AI’s decision making ( In the way that it now makes decisions, instead of not doing things at all )

Alpha Patch 0.4: Function will be available on the 1st of May. You can read our entire list of patch notes on our Discord channel, discuss the changes with the devs and other players there, and even find a game with other players. I for one will be trying to find the most broken combinations this week, and would love to jump into a few games ( Lucca / Scintilla is super fun so far).

Of course, our post-IndieGogo campaign is still live, so you can still pick up some backer perks, including getting your hands on the Alpha. Check out our IGG page here:

Thanks for reading everyone, see you online.

~ Jason_OCE
Community & Media Manager, Lightmare Studios

Elphie "Agent Coyle"