Patch Preview: Breaking the Silence! Alpha v0.5

Welcome to the August Patch Preview! The aim of the Patch preview is to show off some of our best changes or upcoming features to the newest builds of Infinity Heroes, almost as a TL;DR summary of what to expect from patches, without the need for full patch notes.

Alpha v0.5 Codename: Breaking the Silence

New Features!

Something we’ve been working on for many months is finally ready to reveal. Async mode! Make a turn, send it off, and get alerted when you’re good to play again. It will still play as a simultaneous turn game, with a slight difference. Player 1 will submit their turn, and player 2 will have time to do the same, and neither player will see the turn resolve until both have submitted their turns. The most common pattern we’ve seen so far in testing has been Player 1 takes turn 1, player 2 takes turn 1, it resolves, and takes turn 2. Player 2 sees turn 1 resolve, plays turn 2, it resolves, and takes turn 3. Player 2 sees turn 2 resolve, plays turn 3, and so on and so forth.

This will make it a lot easier to get some games in the early days of the alpha, as you don’t need people to be online at the same time to VS each other, which also means playing against international players can be done a bit easier, and over the course of a few days. Here’s a small list of everything else that has happened since the previous update:

  • Basic accounts system
    The framework of an accounts system has been put in place. We’ll be linking it to existing Lightmare accounts, and adding more functionality before we release into open beta. Note that accounts currently don’t store much info at all, and could ( & likely will ) be wiped at some points.

  • Basic SFX System
    Part of the pun in the patch codename, we have our first pieces of audio in the game. They’re placeholder assets while we work on improving audio production, but for now they’re pretty neat.

  • Keyword Tooltips
    Most of us know what charge means, but maybe you’re not sure what Garrison means? Well, now with the new keyword tooltip function, you can get a brief description of what anything and everything can do.

  • More intuitive card handling
    Several changes have been made to how cards are viewed, played, managed, and more, and it makes the game easier to actually play in a lot of small ways.

  • And More!

    screenshake, anti misclick on end turn button, bigger attack / hp values, bugfixes, bugfixes, bugfixes, bugfixes, and better UI Scaling on different devices.

A Challenger Approaches

A lot of our attention has been directed specifically at the new features and functionality being added to the game, but we did have the chance to introduce one new character & deck into the rotation of the game.


Bek, The Dragon Whisperer

“You can’t tame dragons, but if you get them to respect you, you’ll probably be fine.” Bek’s play style is all about heavy-hitting late game dragons, with very large stats, and flying, to catch unprepared opponents offguard.

More coming soon

We’re giving some more love to an existing DoD character, as well as a brand new Genesis Industries character. Details of these will appear online in the coming weeks / months.


Did we mention free weekend?

We’re having a Free weekend this weekend to coincide with our Indiegogo relaunching, as well as stress-testing our new Async game mode and systems. Information on this can be found on the Discord linked below. Give it a look, and we’ll see you this weekend!

Alpha Patch 0.5: Breaking the Silence will be available on the 7th of August, with the free weekend running from the 9th of August through to the 11th. You can read our entire list of patch notes on our Discord channel, discuss the changes with the devs and other players there, and even find a game with other players. A lot of our attention will be going towards finding any emerging

Finally, our IndieGoGo campaign has started up again, so anyone who backed originally will need to jump back on board to get access to their backer perks. If you DID back the original, find me ( JasonOCE#0001 ) on Discord, and I can give you the link to a secret version of your perk with a minor “sorry for the inconveniences” discount.


Thanks for reading everyone, see you online.

~ Jason_OCE
Community & Media Manager, Lightmare Studios

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