That's awkward.... IGG Update - Dev Blog Entry #11

Hey everyone, it’s time we update you all regarding the Indiegogo campaign, and the issues we’ve been having recently. The Indiegogo campaign was locked, and all pledges were refunded. There’s been some confusion in this area, and we didn’t want to say anything until we had all the facts. However, as the issue is ongoing, and doesn’t seem to have an easy solution, we’ll be giving you an update here that’s a bit incomplete, just so you have at least some idea of what’s going on. This is an actively developing situation, so we thankyou for understanding this Dev Blog’s unique style. So, here’s what’s happened so far.


The IndieGogo campaign was created using the same email address login used for Infinity Wars, and all the contact and banking information was updated accordingly. We launched the campaign, monitored the channels via IGG’s website, posted updates, responded to messages, all seemed well in the world. And then… we got reports en masse of people who got refunded. Our banking information wasn’t valid, and we didn’t update it for 60 days, so IGG did the responsible thing and shut things down just in case.


We thought this happened with zero contact, however it wasn’t until later in the week we came to the realisation, the email registered to IGG is one that hasn’t been used within the company since 2016, and the email forwarding which was working in late 2018 was no longer active. With the way IGG handles contact, everything was sent via email. There was no website alerts, or phone calls made, and we didn’t discover the email forwarding issue until it was too late. We were so busy working on Infinity Heroes, that nobody actually thought to ask, hey… it’s weird that IGG hasn’t emailed us anything about the campaign, right?

Now what?

We’re talking with IGG’s team. You don’t need to contact Indiegogo asking what’s happened, we’ll be handling it, and will let you know what the result is. It’s too early to say because the topic is being handled actively still, but at this stage, it looks like we might have to just restart the campaign, and ask our backers to re-pledge their original refunded pledge. Odds are a fair few people are going to forget, or just not be as interested, so this could end up hurting us financially. It’s a bump in the road we really didn’t need right now, but the bright side is we’re still relatively on target to meet design goals for Infinity Heroes. Funding for IH’s development is secure, and IGG’s funds were going to go towards non-dev related costs, such as Marketing, and taking our game to potential publishers in the future.

Since starting IH, we’ve been committed to being transparent and honest with our communications, which is why we’re giving you all the details, even if they don’t make us look perfect. But, our fans are amazing, and a lot more loyal than we expected, so it’s about time we start treating you right.

Coming off of that regarding Infinity Wars, we’re getting reports of people losing access to their account, the forums and password recovery no longer working. We’re aware of this, and are currently working with Yodo1 on fixes for these in the background. Hopefully the next time you hear us talk about IW it will be with a lot more impactful news, but until things are set in stone, that’s all we can say for now.

Thanks for reading everyone, we’ll be contacting all our original IGG backers and asking them to re-back the project. Of course, if you’d be interested in backing when the campaign is live once more, our account details are up to date, and our emails are being correctly forwarded, so this sort of thing won’t happen twice.

I hope this article, while lacking in images and trim, is still informative enough, and you enjoyed the update regardless. We’d love to hear your thoughts, so find us on Discord using the link below. See you there.


UPDATE: 12/06/19

We’ve received word that the action isn’t reversible, as we expected. We’ll be working with IGG to get the campaign restarted. We’ll provide updates when they’re available.

Elphie "Agent Coyle"